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Grid torsed

Grid with hexagonal cells
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Grid with hexagonal cells We deliver a grid hexagonal the Ukrainian production 25 * 0,6and grid hexagonal Chinese production: Not galvanized 19х1; 40х0,9. Galvanized 13х0,8; 16х0,7; 20х0,9; 25х1,2; 32х0,9; 40х1,4. With PVC pokrittyam 32х0,9; 50х1,8. All this is in the warehouse Hardware - 94...
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19.32 UAH
  • 15.72 UAH/m2  - from 839 m2
The grid six-sided neozinced, zinced with PVC
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The grid six-sided neozinced, zinced with PVC a covering Delivery across Ukraine. On the physicomechanical properties the six-sided grid is ideally suited for reinforcing in construction. The hexagonal form of a cell interferes with emergence of internal tension. Due to the flexibility, the...
Group: Grid torsed
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