For Dealers: Метизы-94, ЧП  , Ukraine, ALL.BIZ:  Ukraine
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For Dealers Метизы-94, ЧП

Sundries-94forms a dealernetwork sellingrazor wire, wirefencesand plasticfencesbrandKazachka.
For dealers
, we have
a substantial discount,which will allowthem tobecompetitive inthis market, andthat allow them tosell theseproducts atprice-listpricesfirmHardware-94.
In addition,
Hardware-94deliversrazor wireand wire meshat pricesof Chinese manufacturersdirectlywith the provincein ChinaAnpingcustomers inthe CIS countries, Europe, America
and Asia..


for dealers Метизы-94, ЧП Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine