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Metal mesh

Metal mesh

The company "Hardware-94" offers to buy a metal mesh inexpensively. We directly deliver products from reliable Chinese manufacturers, so our prices are low. The catalog has a wide selection of its various purposes.
Netting - consists of a screwed one into the other coils, has a diamond-shaped cell. It is used for fencing, reinforcing structures, in horticulture and animal husbandry for the construction of enclosures. Available mesh galvanized and PVC coated. At the same time, it is worth considering: galvanization at the joints can be erased, the polymer coating is more reliable. It is able to withstand even caustic salty environments.
The Cossack is a grid on hinged knots. It is considered the cheapest due to its light weight. It is used for various kinds of fences, as a support for curly flowers.
A woven fabric is a steel wire weave that is used for plastering and other construction work.
Welded - rods are welded together. Available galvanized, non-galvanized and polymer coated mesh.
The metal mesh that we offer to buy is sold in any volume, starting from 1 roll.

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