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The grid facilitated the Cossack ™

The grid facilitated the Cossack ™

If you only need to protect the territory with animals, a field, a summer cottage, a garden or a vineyard, while the place will not need special protection, it is not necessary to spend money on expensive fences.

The best option for preserving your budget is the Cossack lightweight grid, which our company Metizy-94 offers to purchase.
This is the cheapest type of metal mesh for the fence.
Low price is achieved due to reduced net weight.
Less weight is achieved due to the fact that in the lower part of the mesh cloth there are narrow cells that do not let small animals and birds pass, and in the upper part - cells are large, due to which it is possible to reduce the weight of the mesh roll.

Installation is also more profitable. To do this, you do not need a wire for stretching, and you will need half the number of support columns.


The Kazachka mesh is lightweight - a hinged mesh, that is, each cell is formed due to the fact that the transverse wires are connected to the warp wire using a hinge assembly.

This is convenient when using the grid as a support for plants; in the necessary places, the cell dimensions can be changed independently. The wire is galvanized, so the mesh does not need to be painted.
The Kazachka grid facilitated which you can buy from us is inexpensive. It is delivered in rolls in PE film. The price depends on the height of the roll and the number of rows of wire.


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