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Uzelfix ™ mesh leads the tensile strength index.

Uzelfix ™ mesh leads the tensile strength index.

Uzelfix ™ mesh leads the tensile strength index.

High strength is associated with the fact that the mesh is made of solid pieces of high-carbon wire Ø 2.5 mm, which are tightly connected by a fixing unit.

This design of the wire is so powerful that it can stop even a car, not to mention bears, deer, wild boars, bulls and other aggressive aggressive animals.

The Uzelfix grid has a variable cell height from narrow at the bottom to a wider entrance. This design allows you to save material in production, which affects the price per meter., While the grid does not pass and small animals.

The closest alternative to the Uzelfix grid is a netting net of 50x3mm, however, Uzelfix is much more profitable both in price and due to the installation of poles at a distance of 4-6m, and for the netting poles need to be installed every 2m.

In addition, when at least one of the wires of the chain-link is torn, the net opens like a sweater. The nodefix in this case will not blossom, because whole weaving, and the wires are securely fixed.

To protect against corrosion, the mesh is galvanized.

There is always an up-to-date price for the Uzelfix grid  here .

The Uzelfix net is used to enclose large territories of hunting farms, forests, agricultural enterprises, as well as for enclosures and private houses.

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Uzelfix mesh